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Image by Ludemeula Fernandes

Past Presentations

Image by Annie Spratt

Presented during the Canadian Animal Law Conference 2023 panel on "Unconventional Approaches to Challenging Factory Farming", AEL Advocacy discusses how environmental laws can be used to tackle intensive animal agriculture in Ontario and Canada more broadly. 

Image by Christin Hume

As “humanewashing” and “greenwashing” attempt to convince consumers that products are animal- and environmentally-friendly, animal advocates have been successful at challenging such claims using consumer protection laws, such as false advertising laws. This panel will explain the connection between false advertising claims and animal protection, with an emphasis on the public consequences of successful claims.


During this informative webinar, we dive into the findings of our recently published report, which offers a comprehensive analysis of select Canadian and international laws dealing with the environmental impacts of animal agriculture, covering topics such as nutrient pollution, land degradation, biodiversity loss, and climate change. It also provides recommendations for legislative and policy reform in Ontario, as well as insights into utilizing existing laws to address the construction or expansion of intensive livestock operations. 

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