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At AEL Advocacy, we are committed to using our legal skills to support individuals, communities, and organizations who are working to protect animals and the environments where they live. 

As part of that work, we operate a free Animal and Environmental Law Inquiry Service for members of the public who need help understanding how to address an animal or environmental law concern.

How Can We Help?

If you are facing an animal or environmental law issue in Ontario, we can provide up to two hours of summary legal assistance through our Animal and Environmental Law Inquiry Service. This usually consists of a phone call or email providing general legal information and direction to resources that can help you to identify some possible legal avenues or solutions. For example, we can help guide you in the right direction if you wish to report an incident, request information from government bodies, participate in decision-making processes, or explore opportunities to challenge government decisions.

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Disclaimer: General legal information is not the same as a tailored legal opinion or legal advice. By submitting an inquiry below, you are not retaining AEL Advocacy as your legal counsel, and by responding to your inquiry, we are not agreeing to act as your legal counsel or advocate on your behalf. AEL Advocacy is not responsible for any deadlines or limitation periods that may be associated with your legal issue.

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