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Legal Activism: Navigating Ontario's Ag-Gag Laws

Image by Edward Howell

Legal Activism: Navigating Ontario's Ag-Gag Laws

Event Description:  In 2020, Ontario introduced agricultural gag (“ag-gag”) legislation which significantly hampers activists’ ability to protest outside farms and slaughterhouses. This legislation also criminalizes whistle-blowers and/or undercover investigations.

In this webinar, AEL Advocacy provided an overview of Ontario's new ag-gag laws and advised activists on how to effectively and lawfully advocate in light of this new legal regime.

Presented by:   Kira Berkeley, Co-Director and Counsel (AEL Advocacy)

                             Krystal-Anne Roussel, Co-Director and Counsel (AEL Advocacy)

Date/Time:       April 26, 2022

                             6:30 - 7:30 pm EST  

To download the presentation slides click here:

To download the information sheet click here:

This event was hosted courtesy of generous grant funding by The Awesome Foundation and The Pollination Project.

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