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Where animal and environmental protection meet.

At AEL Advocacy, our lawyers understand the important interconnection between humans, animals, and the environment. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the legal and political landscape with a commitment to supporting individuals and organizations working to protect animals and the environments where they live.


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AEL Advocacy is Canada's first and only intersectional animal and environmental law organization.

We take a holistic approach to advocating for a legal system that recognizes the vital connection between people, animals, and the environment by ensuring the enforcement of existing laws, providing legal support to those in need, and pushing for reform that advances sustainable and compassionate practices for all.

We Need You.

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AEL Advocacy has come into existence at a time when the interconnectedness and importance of issues related to environmental protection and animal health and well-being are clearer than ever.  Their legal team played a pivotal role in Animal Justice's participation in a Federal Court case about Canada's approach to tackling the plastic pollution crisis that kills millions of animals around the world each year and has a devastating impact on ecosystems throughout the country. I look forward to partnering with their strong legal team in future cases.

- Kaitlyn Mitchell, Director of Legal Advocacy

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