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This #Giving Tuesday, your donation shows

animals and the environment

you care.





raised of $1,000.00

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year, #GivingTuesday is the biggest day of giving. November 29th is the world’s largest generosity movement that calls for us to give back to the planet and to each other. This year, we’re challenging ourselves to raise $1000 to support the needs of our clients who rely on our services.

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Take, for example, Jane*. Jane trusted a reputable dog registry to lead her to a well-known breeder since its members must conform to a set of standards and practices. The breeder she was put into contact with assured her that they abided by all the requirements and their dogs were healthy. Feeling satisfied that her concerns were addressed, she took Daisy* the puppy home.

Since then, Daisy developed an extensive list of problems and infections, which has led to expensive veterinarian visits, trips to see specialists, and countless hours spent at hospitals, spending upwards of $15,000.00. The breeder has failed to provide Jane with the necessary registration certificates and is unresponsive to her attempts to communicate. Tragically, Daisy had to be put down earlier this year to end her suffering, in accordance with veterinarian recommendations. 

After some research, Jane discovered that her experience with this breeder is not unique; others who purchased puppies from them have had similar problems. She also learned that the breeder was previously deemed non-compliant with the registry’s standards. 


Jane is seeking compensation in Small Claims Court for the financial costs of taking care of the puppy, as well as the emotional distress she and her family have experienced, but she can’t do this without our help! 

Your donation will help us provide the legal and financial support our clients need. It costs $215 to file a claim in Small Claims Court, and that is only the first step in this type of proceeding. Whether you think you can contribute to a portion of this cost, or the entire amount, every dollar makes an impact!

*Names changed for privacy reasons

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