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AEL Advocacy Granted Intervener Status In Federal Court of Appeal Case About Plastic Pollution

The Federal Court of Appeal has granted AEL Advocacy, together with national animal law organization Animal Justice, permission to intervene in a crucial legal battle about Canada’s regulation of plastic products.

Last November, the Federal Court ruled in favour of the "Responsible Plastic Use Coalition," a group comprised of major plastics manufacturers and distributors. The Coalition challenged the federal government's decision to designate plastic manufactured items as "toxic" under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA). This designation empowered the government to enact regulations aimed at banning single-use plastic products, a move that could significantly reduce plastic pollution.

Unfortunately, the Federal Court sided with the industry, deeming the government’s decision unreasonable and unconstitutional. The federal government is now appealing the Federal Court’s decision.

Image from @siniehinaalona

Krystal-Anne Roussel, Co-Director of AEL Advocacy, emphasized the importance of this intervention, stating, "With millions of animals suffering each year due to entanglement and ingestion of plastic debris, the outcome of this appeal could profoundly affect animals and their habitats."

By intervening in this legal challenge, AEL Advocacy aims to advocate for an interpretation of CEPA that aligns with its core objective of safeguarding wildlife and their environments. Their participation will ensure that the interests of animals are represented and underscore the urgent need for effective measures to combat plastic pollution.


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