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Fiscal Sponsorship







What is a Fiscal Sponsor?


A fiscal sponsor is a registered charity that offers financial and administrative services to organizations (such as our not-for-profit) without tax-exempt status, enabling them to receive tax-deductible donations.


How does it work?


When you donate to our fiscal sponsor, they will collect the donation for us, issue you a tax receipt, and distribute the funds to AEL Advocacy (minus a 10% administration fee). Please note contributions to our fiscal sponsor are in US dollars.


It's important to mention "AEL Advocacy" in the note section of your donation to ensure the funds will be distributed to us.


Our Fiscal Sponsor: Thrive Philanthropy


Thrive Philanthropy is a forward-thinking organization committed to creating a more sustainable and just food system. They focus on accelerating the transition from industrial animal agriculture to plant-based alternatives through grants and capacity-building efforts, connecting donors with impactful food justice projects around the globe. For more details, visit their website at Thrive Philanthropy.


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