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AEL Advocacy Files False Advertising Complaint Over Health and Welfare Claims in Chicken Farmers Canada Ads

OTTAWA, October 27, 2023 - Animal and environmental law organization AEL Advocacy has filed a false advertising complaint over Chicken Farmers Canada (CFC) ads running on Reddit. These ads claim that "Canadian farmers raise chickens with care to be healthy, wholesome and full of nutrition," a depiction challenged by AEL Advocacy as deceptive and misleading.

The CFC advertisements portray chicken as a humane and ethical choice, contradicting the reality of how Canadian chickens are raised and processed. The assertion that chicken is “full of nutrition” also contradicts extensive scientific evidence regarding the health risks associated with chicken consumption.

AEL Advocacy filed the complaint with Ad Standards, the advertising industry's regulatory body responsible for upholding the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, which prohibits ads from containing inaccurate, deceptive, or otherwise misleading claims.

In its complaint, AEL Advocacy argues that CFC's false claims are especially harmful, exploiting the growing trend of health and ethics-conscious consumers. By enticing viewers to buy products under false claims of health benefits and humane treatment, CFC misleads consumers, promoting choices harmful to both their health and animal welfare.

Krystal-Anne Roussel, Co-Director and Legal Counsel at AEL Advocacy, emphasized the importance of truth and transparency in advertising, stating, "It's essential for consumers to make informed choices based on accurate information." AEL Advocacy is urging Ad Standards to hold CFC accountable for its misleading advertising practices by withdrawing the advertisements. 

To read the complaint, click here.

For further information, contact:
Krystal-Anne Roussel, Co-Director and Legal Counsel, AEL Advocacy

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